Introducing the Studio

When you open CompreXX Studio for the first time after installing it, you will notice a hierarchical display on the left, called the "tree-view", and a list of items on the right, called the "list-view".

Contents of the Tree View

The tree view on the left is composed of the following nodes:

My Visual Archive Desktop
The basic node of the archives hierarchy. Contains all the other nodes in the hierarchy.

My Archive Files
This node contains archives you create or open in CompreXX Studio. Each of these archives appear as nodes under the My Archive Files Node and contain the folders and files inside the archives, displayed as in Windows Explorer.

My Archive Places
This node contains a list of folders used for storing archives in your computer, or on your organizational network. When you further expand the folders, actual archives contained in these folders are displayed as sub-nodes. The archives originally have links on them, meaning that they have not yet been opened. You may open the archives by clicking on the links. You may also open all archives at once.

Contents of the List View

The list view on the right contains a Tasks Bar, and an actual list displaying items inside the selected node on the tree view.

Tasks Bar
This bar displays a list of available tasks for the currently selected node in the tree view. If you have also selected an item in the list view, a brief description of that item is displayed beneath the tasks list.

Item List
This list displays all the contents of the currently selected node in the tree view. These contents may be actual archive contents, the contents of your Archive Places, and so on.