Configuring Anti-Virus software

Archive Folders have the ability to scan your compressed files for viruses that they may contain within them. This will protect you from any potential damage that can occur from a virus infection on your computer.

However Archive Folders rely on third party software, published by other vendors, to perform the virus scanning. All major anti virus titles are supported. You need to locate compatible anti-virus software that is already installed on your computer to be able to perform anti-virus scans on compressed files.

To locate installed anti-virus software on your computer:

  1. Run CompreXX Express using the Start menu.

  2. Under the Options menu, and choose the Configuration menu item.

  3. Click the Program Locations tab.

  4. Click the Configure Virus Scanner Automatically button. CompreXX Express will start scanning your computer for supported anti-virus software.

  5. You will be notified if compatible anti-virus software is installed on your computer. Choose the anti-virus software you wish to use.

  6. Click OK to activate the anti-virus settings.