Extract using CompreXX Studio

To extract archives inside CompreXX Studio:

  1. Click Open and select all the archives containing files you wish to extract. You may select multiple files.

  2. Click Decompress on the toolbar.

  3. Select the folder where you wish to extract your archives into. You may enter one or more new folder names, they will be created automatically for you.

  4. Un-check the Decompress selected files only option.

  5. Select the scope of extraction - whether all open archives should be extracted, only the current archive, or only the currently showing folder in the studio.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Highlight each archive type for which you wish to customize extraction settings, then click Edit Profile. You may create new profiles or delete existing ones. Of course, you may just change the decompression profile to use.

  8. Click Next to begin the extraction process.

To select precisely which files you wish to extract, do the following before clicking Decompress on the toolbar:

  1. Inside the file list, right-click and check Allow Selecting Files to allow the selection of individual files.

  2. Inside the All Folders explorer bar, click the icon of each folder you wish to extract. To recursively select folders, collapse the folder (click the minus sign next to the icon) and then click the icon.

  3. Inside the file listing, highlight the groups of files you wish to extract. Items marked for extraction will have a hand icon superimposed over the icon of the item they represent.

  4. Fine tune exactly which items you wish to extract using the above two methods. You may also right-click to select or de-select files using the context menu.

  5. Check the Decompress selected files only option when it is time for extraction.

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