Compress using CompreXX Studio

To compress files inside CompreXX Studio:

  1. Click New to create a new archive, and type the name for the new archive.

  2. Highlight all the items you wish to compress, then click Add to Compression List to compress only the selected items, or click Add to Compression List With Subfolder(s) to compress matching items in subfolders as well. Click Remove From Compression List if you no longer wish to compress certain files.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Review your selections of files to compress. Checked items will be compressed along with matching files in subfolders. You may click either Remove From Compression List or Clear Compression List to delete files from the compression list. You may also right-click the list for more list editing options, such as in-place typing of files to compress.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Check all the archive types you wish to use.

  7. Highlight each archive type you wish to modify the compression settings for, and click Edit Profile to modify compression settings. You may also create new profiles or delete existing profiles. Of course, you may also just select the profile you wish to use.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Select whether you wish to compress each selected file into its own independent archive, or whether to compress all selected files into a single archive. For instance, if you have chosen the BZIP2 archive type, you must compress each selected file into its own independent archive by selecting the Compress each selected file individually into separate archives option. If you have chosen the ZIP archive type, it is generally more convenient to create a single archive for all selected files using the Compress all selected files into a single archive option.

  10. Click Next to begin the compression process.


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