Getting started with the Anti-Virus

CompreXX Studio can scan your archives for you, and check that they have no viruses inside them which may cause harm to your computer and your data. CompreXX Studio uses external anti-virus software to accomplish this.

To prepare for scanning an archive:

  1. Click Options, then click Anti-Virus.

  2. Click Auto-Scan to automatically locate existing anti-virus software that is installed on your hard disk. CompreXX Studio automatically detects most anti-virus scanners.

  3. The detected anti-virus scanners will have a check mark next to them. Highlight the one you wish to use.

  4. If no scanner is found, you may manually add one using the New Software button. You may also configure existing anti-virus scanners using the Settings and Remove buttons. Remember to highlight the anti-virus software you wish to use for scanning your archives.

  5. Click OK to close the Settings window.

You are ready to scan your archives. Simply open them, then click the AntiVirus button to scan them for viruses.