Download CompreXX to fix file not found errors for mCodexAPI.dll, and more.

mCodexAPI.dll - a system component that comes with CompreXX

Have you installed software which requires mCodexAPI.dll? Are you getting errors which say not found - mCodexAPI.dll? Then you need CompreXX - it provides the core system component that your software depends on!

What is the mCodexAPI.dll library? It is a core system component which is available with CompreXX. This core system component provides compression and extraction functionality for virtually all archive types available. It is used by applications that are based on Codex Plug-In Technology.

If you use software which requires the mCodexAPI.dll library but cannot find it on your system, you need to install CompreXX on your computer:

  • The solution to errors like not found - mCodexAPI.dll is installing CompreXX on your computer.
  • If you receive error messages such as missing file - mCodexAPI.dll, install CompreXX on your computer.
  • If your computer even occasionally gives messages like not installed - mCodexAPI.dll, you should install CompreXX.


mCodexAPI.dll is the core DLL that powers an entire family of Codex Plug-In Technology based applications. Installing CompreXX is the easiest way to make sure your system has the most up-to-date compression services available.


CompreXX, which includes the mCodexAPI.dll file, helps you browse many archives just like folders in Explorer.