Extract and create ISO files with CompreXX. Handle your ISO files with CompreXX - the ISO extractor and compression tool that makes archives behave like folders in Explorer.

Extract and create ISO files with CompreXX

Let CompreXX help you with your ISO files! Try this versatile ISO extractor and compression tool and watch your archives behave like folders in Explorer.

What are ISO files? They are images of CD-ROMs - in other words, perfect copies of a CD that contain all the original information. With CompreXX you can open ISO files directly, without having to burn them on to a CD. The software is also an ISO creator and extractor - and is capable of handling 47 other archive types!

With CompreXX, working with ISO archives is simple and straightforward. When you double-click to open an ISO archive in Explorer, you will browse right into it as if it were a folder!

This is archive magic - with this ISO extractor, no separate program opens and there is no difficult interface to learn. You can use Explorer just as you normally do.

You can use Copy-Paste, Drag-Drop, or any other habits you may have to transparently compress or extract ISO files inside your archives. Or, just click the hyperlinks in the XP-Style "Archive Tasks" pane, and choose from one of the many actions available there - Install, Check-Out, Anti-Virus, and many more,

One of our happy customers wrote to tell us what he thought about our ISO extractor and compression tool: "Till last week I used another compression/decompression software. I discovered your product on a website and I decided to try it immediately. I have to tell you that since the first moment I use it I really felt in love with it. Your software has all the qualities I waited for such a product." Read more testimonials about our ISO creator here.


View or extract ISO files directly from the property sheet.

The property sheet page for an Archive displays all contents of the selected archive. You can even view/extract files directly from this screen.