User Testimonials

Below is a selection of some of the most dramatic emails we've received from users regarding CompreXX. Emails are published here with permission from their original authors.

Claude Renaud

"Till last week I used another compression/decompression software. I discovered your product on a website and I decided to try it immediately. I have to tell you that since the first moment I use it I really felt in love with it. Your software has all the qualities I waited for such a product. I would be very glad if I could also help you to improve it.
Congratulations for your work."

Jari Niemi

"CompreXX is the best and at this moment the most reliable new archiver! I will change my WinZip to your much more flexible program."

Himanshu R. Swami

"I have been trying out the archive as folder feature, and it looks pretty solid so far. I manage GZs, BZ(2)s, TARs, ZIPs, and CABs every day and haven't had a single crash due to archive-as-folder browsing. (...) Great product! I love this! I have finally retired WinZip FOREVER!! :) :) :)"

Don Watkins

"Sinan - BTW, outstanding interface, I'm _very_ impressed. I've already figured out a couple of ways we can promote this that I can't do with just any old program. (...) I've been using WinZIP since day one but I think I'd like to change. (...) In fact Nico Mak and I go back about 20 years or so and I like Nico, but in my opinion WinZIP hasn't kept up with the changes in user interface."

Robert C. Davis

"Your product is definitely the best archiving tool out there, and I've shown fellow computer geeks at work the screen shots on your web page to show how easy it is to use because it's incorporated in the Windows shell, and how many formats it supports, and it never fails to impress.  I did a LOT of searching for archiving tools before I found yours, and I notice that still if I run a search for "zip ace rar sit" on, none of the first ten listings link to your site.  It's a pity your superior product isn't easier to locate on the web.  I'm glad I persisted and found it!"

Apoorva Gala

"This program is working beautifully. I will definitely promote this to my customers. I liked the layout and features very much. The simplicity can be very handy for layman also. I tested the compression also. (...) Results were thrilling! 7Zip was the smallest. (...) I am impressed! Good work and good luck."

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