Introducing CompreXX mark4

What is CompreXX mark4 for?

CompreXX mark4 is a collection of applications and plug-ins which help you work with archive files. You can create new archives, update existing archives, and extract files contained inside archives. CompreXX mark4 makes working with archives as fast, efficient and powerful as you want.

What are archives?

If you download anything at all from the Internet, chances are it will be an archive file. Because download times from the Internet must be as short as possible, Internet content which you can download to your computer is compressed - so it takes up less space, and the download happens faster. Once you download these compressed files, called archives, you need to extract the files they contain, so you can access the actual content you downloaded.

The big picture?

CompreXX mark4 lets you create and extract any and all archives, any time, anywhere
. You do not need to search the Internet for additional archiver tools, just to be able to use your downloaded files. This is especially important considering that new archive types are becoming available on a regular basis, each requiring their own custom applications to extract. CompreXX mark4 supports all archive types available today, and will support more as they become available in the future.

How easy is it?

Extremely easy! With the new Archive Folders feature, archives appear as folders in the file system. You can browse right into them in Explorer, just as if they were real file system folders. This way you don't have to spend any time trying to learn new applications, just to be able to handle your Internet downloads. If you need more power, then, of course there are many stand-alone archive applications you can choose from.

Why do I have so many icons installed?

CompreXX mark4 ships with many applications you can use to work with archives! This is to help you choose the environment in which you are most comfortable for working with archives. Each of the applications have different ways of doing the same thing: (de)compressing archives. Try them all, and pick your favorite!

Tell me about the Archive Folders application.

It's really more of a feature, than an application. Archives behave as regular file system folders if you enable this feature. You can browse right into them in Explorer. This feature makes working with archives as quick, easy, and painless as possible, since you are already familiar with the Explorer interface which you use everyday while working with your computer. Read more about Archive Folders.

Tell me about the CompreXX Studio application.

CompreXX Studio is the most sophisticated archiver available today. In the professional studio workspace, you can open many archives and perform batch operations on all of them at once. The professional studio featured by CompreXX Studio also exposes all archive functions and functionality which may not be available in other applications. If you are a power user, you will probably stick with CompreXX Studio. Read more about CompreXX Studio.

Tell me about the CompreXX Express application.

CompreXX Express resembles the user interface of some of the most popular archivers available today. You can only work with a single archive at a time, but you can still perform all archive functions from this interface. CompreXX Express may become your application of choice if you have been using other archivers in the past. Read more about CompreXX Express.

Tell me about the Compression Wizard and Extraction Wizard applications.

The "Q" in these applications stands for "Quick" and "Quality". The wizard interface featured in these applications allows you to quickly handle archive files, even if you are very new to archiving and computers in general! Q Wizards may become your applications of choice if you are new to archiving and computers. Read more about Compression Wizard and Extraction Wizard.

Tell me about Codex Commander.

Codex Commander is a command line archiver. Codec Commander is ideal for system administrators which run batch tasks from scripts. You can also use Codex Commander if you are a command-line fanatic and wish to work with archives solely from the command line! Codec Commander supports all archiving features and works with a single archive at a time. Read more about Codex Commander.

What are plug-ins?

CompreXX mark4 features a plug-in based architecture for handling archives. This means that different archives are handled by plug-ins installed on the system. To add support for more archives, just install new plug-ins! It's that easy.

I am a developer and want to know more.

You're very welcome! CompreXX mark4 includes a plug-in development SDK and application development API so that you can engineer your own Codex Compliant plug-ins and applications! Check out the developer documentation for more information, you'll be up and running in minutes. You'll even find example plug-in and application source codes in your favorite programming languages.