Getting Started with CompreXX mark4

CompreXX mark4 is a complete suite of tools for working with archives. If you do not already know about archives, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the subject matter of this product.



Archive Types


(De)Compression Profiles

The easiest way to work with CompreXX mark4 is to use it through Windows itself, via the shell extensions. Thanks to the seamless integration with the Windows shell, you can work with archives without ever having to learn how to use an application! In fact, archives will appear as folders in the file system if you enable the Archive Folders feature.

Basic Tasks

Getting Archive Information

Creating Archives

Updating Archives

Extracting Files from Archives

Viewing Archive Contents

Advanced Tasks

Changing (De)Compression Settings

Configuring Archive Handlers

Associating Archives with Applications

Once you've warmed up to CompreXX mark4 through the shell extensions, and if you want to do more, then try the applications:


Archive Folders

CompreXX Studio

CompreXX Express

Compression Wizard, Extraction Wizard

Codex Commander

Outlook Add-In

Remember that each archive type is supported by its own plug-in in Codex Suite mark4. The plug-ins offer different features and settings for each of the archive types that they support. Find out more about plug-ins:


Core Archives

7-Zip Archives

CAB Extensions

SZDD Extensions

BZip and ZLib Libraries
WinImage Archives
SQX Extensions

CompreXX mark4 ships with additional tools which perform accessory functions on archives. Read about these tools below:


Compression Sampler



Once you have evaluated CompreXX mark4, explore the possibility of licensing the product:

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Thank you for using CompreXX mark4!
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